Cannabis seeds suitable for greenhouse growing. Greenhouse genetics are not too different from cannabis genetics for outdoor cultivation, but they can flower a bit longer. The greenhouse protects the plants from bad weather and allows the plants to bloom longer without rain and frost disturbing the flowers. Thanks to the higher temperature and air humidity, plants grow faster here, and therefore autoflowering varieties and shorter genetics are especially suitable for greenhouses and foil plants. With autoflowering plants, multiple harvests per year can be achieved. Choose the right variety that suits you and your greenhouse best!

Always inform yourself about the current legislation of Cannabis seeds in your country. The seller is not responsible for improper handling and cultivating.

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Focus - 10pcs feminized seeds CannapioFocus - 10pcs feminized seeds Cannapio

Focus - 10pcs feminized seeds Cannapio

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38,80 €
Flowering type photoperiod
Genotype sativa
Placement indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Variety from the premium Cannapio line. Focus are feminized seeds with a dominant sativa, which was created by crossing two mysterious…
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Sleep - 10pcs autoflowering seeds CannapioSleep - 10pcs autoflowering seeds Cannapio

Sleep - 10pcs autoflowering seeds Cannapio

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38,80 €
Flowering type autoflowering
Genotype indica
Placement indoor, outdoor
Premium self-flowering variety, which was created by combining genetics Critical and Ruderalis. BACTH n. 04/2023