There are several reasons why cannabis is considered a superfood in the world of healthy eating. The most commonly consumed are the flowers, leaves and also the hemp seeds. It is the seeds that fit the term superfood the most. They contain a huge amount of Omega-3 / Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin D, riboflavin, protein, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. You can add them to salads, savoury dishes or sweet desserts and muesli, for example.

In addition to shelled hemp seeds, you can also find hemp oil for cooking or protein, especially suitable for active athletes. You can enjoy a moment of relaxation even more with herbal hemp teas in several variants. Season your salads with a special hemp spice blend. And when you get hungry, reach for premium chocolate with hemp seeds. Some hemp foods are also enriched with beneficial CBD.

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Hemp Dad - Hemp seed 500gHemp Dad - Hemp seed 500g

Hemp Dad - Hemp seed 500g

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Delicious nutty taste with the ideal ratio of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. With 20 amino acids, they are an ideal source of protein.

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