Treat yourself to premium bathing comfort with caring hemp cosmetics. The gentle yet effective formula of hemp shower gels and shampoos cleanses the body and scalp thoroughly yet gently. You will especially appreciate the natural formula with hemp extracts if you suffer from dry and sensitive body skin. Hemp shampoos provide relief from itching or burning even for atopic skin. In addition, they help to effectively regulate sebum production and the appearance of dandruff.

You can choose from a range of hemp shampoos containing hemp oil and D-panthenol to provide your scalp with premium care. Hemp cosmetics provide truly deep hydration, helping to restore healthy skin on the body, skin and scalp. In addition, it effectively strengthens the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Read more about hemp cosmetics and their effects on our blog!

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CBD shampoo - Green Earth

CBD shampoo - Green Earth

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Thanks to this shampoo containing cannabidiol CBD, your hair will receive intensive care and regeneration. The shampoo is suitable for all…