Hindu Kush and Master Kush are two cannabis genetics with deep roots in the Afghanistan and Pakistan region. Although they have similar names, they have several differences due to their properties and effects.

Hindu Kush is known for its short and compact structure, which makes it a suitable choice for cultivation in higher mountain areas, especially in the Hindu Kush region. This genetics produces varieties with strong and relaxing effects that are often used for pain and stress management.

Master Kush also has a short and dense texture, but is known for its distinct floral and lemony scent that accompanies its strong physical effects. This variety is popular with consumers seeking relaxation and pain relief.

Both of these genetics have their own characteristics and ensembles that attract consumers and growers. The differences in their aromas, flavours and effects allow growers to choose between them according to their preferences.

The cultivation of certain varieties of cannabis may be restricted by legislation.