Hindu Kush and Mazar are two geographical cannabis genetics that originated in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both of these strains have their own unique characteristics and history. Hindu Kush is known for its short and compact structure, making it a suitable choice for growing in higher mountain areas. This genetics produces varieties with strong and relaxing effects that are often used to treat pain and stress. Mazar is also from the region of Afghanistan and is known for its strong and physical effects that can help with insomnia and pain. Mazar plants tend to be medium-high and sprawling, making them a suitable choice for growing in a variety of environments. Both of these genetics have deep roots in the history of cannabis cultivation and have become important foundations for many modern varieties. Their different characteristics and effects have attracted consumers and growers around the world. The cultivation of some varieties of cannabis may be restricted by legislation.

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Master Kush - feminized seeds 5 pcs Nirvana Seeds

Master Kush - feminized seeds 5 pcs Nirvana Seeds

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Flowering type photoperiod
Genotype indica
Placement indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Feminized skunk kush hybrid with shorter flowering time. Indica dominant. Master Kush seeds from Nirvana Seeds are a cross between Hindu…