Hybrid seeds contain a balanced ratio of genes from sativa and indica cannabis in a ratio of 50 to 50, which is why it is also sometimes referred to as fifty-fifty. What are the characteristics of hybrid cannabis species? Hybrid strains should ideally take on the best qualities of both sativa and indica. A well-bred hybrid must combine the positive features of both subspecies and eliminate the negative features. It's about combining the best in the right way. In general, hybrids should assume a firm plant structure, should have a short flowering period, a high yield of hard buds and resistance to adverse conditions. Among the representative hybrid varieties we can include genetics such as White Widow, OG Kush or much USA strains such as Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, Runtz, Wedding Cake, Sherbet, Mimosa and others.

Always inform yourself about the current legislation of Cannabis seeds in your country. The seller is not responsible for improper handling or cultivating.