Indoor marijuana seeds are the seeds of those cannabis varieties that have the greatest potential for cultivation in controlled indoor conditions. Indoor grown plants have the highest content of cannabinoids and terpenes. Some of the indoor cannabis strains cannot even be grown outdoors in all latitudes. They might not have time to ripen. The average flowering time of indoor feminized varieties is around 8-10 weeks of flowering, but some Haze seeds can flower for up to 14 weeks. Indoor autoflowering genetics are mature from seed to harvest in around 10-11 weeks.

Always inform yourself about the current legislation of Cannabis seeds in your country. The seller is not responsible for improper handling and cultivating.

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Jack 47 Auto - 5 Sweet Seeds Sweet SeedsJack 47 Auto - 5 Sweet Seeds Sweet Seeds

Jack 47 Auto - 5 Sweet Seeds Sweet Seeds

Within 5 days
38,40 €
Flowering type autoflowering
Genotype sativa
Placement indoor, outdoor
Self-flowing strain of 3 generations. The result is a hybrid between Jack Herer Car and our elite clone AK 47.