Kush and OG are two well-known lines of cannabis varieties, each with their own characteristics and origins. Kush is an indica dominant variety originating in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. This variety is known for its strong body relaxing effects and earthy, spicy flavour. Kush plants usually grow low and compact and have a shorter flowering time. OG, short for Ocean Grown, is also an indica dominant variety that originated in California. This variety is known for its strong body relaxants and citrusy, blueberry flavor. OG plants tend to be medium height and have a medium flowering time. Both of these lines of cannabis strains have their followers and are suitable for different preferences. Kush is ideal for those looking for physical relaxation and an earthy flavor, while OG appeals to those who prefer strong physical relaxation effects and a citrusy, blueberry flavor. Each of these varieties has specific characteristics that may appeal to different users. The cultivation of some cannabis varieties may be restricted by legislation.