The legalization of cannabis is still a relatively controversial topic, and this fact is proven by the different attitudes of states across Europe and the whole world. The issues of cannabis legislation and products containing it can sometimes be really quite complex. In recent years, this plant, originally from Asia, has become known to the general public. The reason is mainly the popularization of non-psychoactive cannabinoids CBD, CBG and others. As for Europe, as we have already outlined, the law here literally differs from state to state.

Legislation and laws related to the use, storage and other processing of cannabis are somewhat different from state to state. If you are wondering how cannabis is actually doing in the Czech Republic, is it legal or not? What varieties are considered medicinal? When can medical cannabis be obtained with a prescription, or what is the legal limit for THC content in cannabis products? Our articles will answer these and many other questions.

We regularly publish articles describing current changes in legislation. You will always find all current and important information summarized here in a clear, concise and, most importantly, clearly arranged manner.