Cannapio is a young and ambitious Czech brand focusing on the production of hemp seeds and various CBD products. It prides itself on premium quality products and first-class genetics of all varieties offered. The company has been gaining experience since 2009 and during that time has a number of traditional and unique cannabis genetics in its portfolio.

Cannapio's portfolio offers unique genetics such as Special Medic CBD or timeless classics with a bit of a facelift such as Auto White Widow CBD, Auto Purple CBD and many other CBD varieties. You can choose between photoperiod and autoflower models. Of course, the seeds are feminized. There is also the possibility to choose a variety by genotype - Indica, Sativa or hybrid with fifty-fifty genetic equipment. Cannapio cannabis seeds are sold in practical and hygienic packs of 3, 5 or 10.

Cannapio also specializes in the development and production of high quality CBD products. Under this brand, you will also find CBD oils for humans and animals, CBD flowers or dietary supplements in the form of CBD capsules.

WARNING: It is illegal to grow cannabis for the purpose of obtaining the drug. Any misuse may be against the law. Respect the laws and legislation of your state.