"California Dreaming"? Sunny California inspired the CEO of HERBLIZ, Mr. Alexander Golubev , when he was inspired by the local cannabis market during his time in California. Shortly afterwards, he founded his own CBD company in Berlin. The dream quickly turned into reality and now HERBLIZ produces a range of modern and natural products based on the effects of the fascinating cannabis plant. Make yourself feel good the natural way - that's HERBLIZ! With their high-quality CBD oils and a range of exciting vegan CBD care and wellness products, they'll help you rediscover your inner balance - no matter how stressful the world around you can sometimes be. HERBLIZ's mission is more body care in everyday life. At HERBLIZ, they love nature and want to inspire even more people for the beneficial natural effects of the cannabis plant. With HERBLIZ's innovative CBD products, you can create your own oasis of well-being that you can immerse yourself in at any time.