Humboldt Seed Company's mission is: "to provide high quality cannabis seeds to customers who want to grow their own cannabis plants". Humboldt Seed Co. was originally founded by a group of biologists in 2001 in Humboldt County, California. First up was a breeding program supplying medical patients under California's Proposition 215.

Along with legal developments, the company is now creating both regular and feminized strains of cannabis seeds. Breeding is being done at a farm in Humboldt County. Humboldt Seed Co. guarantees that its seeds will perform to their best potential.

They continually strive to provide the highest quality to their customers for their ultimate satisfaction. Humboldt Seed Company believes in giving back to the community and to that end, it donates to a number of charities, including those that help low-income families and also provide access to medical cannabis to patients in need.

WARNING: It is illegal to grow cannabis for the purpose of obtaining the drug. Any misuse may be against the law. Respect your state's laws!