Kannabia Seeds is one of the first Spanish seedbanks and has developed admirable skills in variety breeding during its existence. The most important factor is the user. Here, supply is also driven by demand, so that the user always gets exactly what he needs. Feedback shapes both the company and the varieties on offer.

Kannabia prides itself on premium quality in all parts of the process of breeding new cannabis varieties. In its laboratories, each department has agronomists and biologists who are responsible for quality in cultivation, improvement and experimentation.

There is a huge selection of hemp seeds of all types - photoperiodic and autoflowering. At the same time, all seeds are feminized by the method of suppression of one phytohormone and without any genetic modification. This is a big plus of all Kannabia Seeds genetics. The special models rich in CBD (cannabidiol) are also a great advantage, which will surely be appreciated by users interested in its versatile medicinal use.

WARNING: It is illegal to grow cannabis for the purpose of obtaining the drug. Any misuse may be against the law. Respect the laws and legislation of your state!

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Product 7808

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54,60 €
Flowering type autoflowering
Genotype indica
Placement outdoor