Paradise Seeds produces the best you can get from Dutch laboratories. Paradise Seeds has been working on hemp seeds since 1994. They have made a particularly big success in the field of indoor models. 

Seedbank offers seeds for the most demanding. In the existence of this brand, we have not seen an negative response. What Paradise Seeds offers in the catalogue, the customer can have at home. 

WARNING: It is illegal to grow cannabis for the purpose of obtaining the drug. Any misuse may be against the law. Respect the legislation of your state!

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Gulupa - feminized seeds 3 pcs, Paradise SeedsGulupa - feminized seeds 3 pcs, Paradise Seeds

Gulupa - feminized seeds 3 pcs, Paradise Seeds

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Genotype sativa, indica
Placement indoor, outdoor
Gulupa is an exotic indica for cannabis connoisseurs with an exceptionally smooth and deep flavour. It is an exceptional Californian hybrid…