Strain Hunters Seedbank was founded in 2013 with the aim of preserving the world's rarest cannabis varieties. In their own words, the founders of Strain Hunters feel a duty to preserve the best cannabis strains so that they can continue to breed plants with the vision of creating new varieties of cannabis.

The best feminised, regular, automatic and hybrid cannabis seeds can be found in this bank. They will surprise you with exotic variations of cannabis that you won't find elsewhere. Many varieties of this plant are isolated in almost inaccessible areas and that is where the expedition members are heading.

The vision is based on the need to preserve natural resources for human use. This idea has great overlap and gives people a sense of participation in supporting useful activities for the good of humanity. Being a variety hunter - as the literal translation of the name goes - is a great challenge and a life mission.

WARNING: Growing cannabis for the purpose of obtaining the drug is illegal. Any misuse may be against the law. Respect your state's legislation!