OG Kush Auto and Diesel are two different cannabis genetics with different characteristics and flavor profiles.

OG Kush Auto is an auto-flowering strain, which means it goes into flower automatically based on the age of the plant, regardless of the light cycle. This variety has an indica dominant origin, which often means strong body and release. It also has a characteristic Kush flavour and aroma, which can be spicy and earthy.

Diesel is a cannabis variety that is known for its strong sativa effects and diesel flavour. This strain is usually sativa dominant, which means mental euphoria and high. The taste of Diesel strains is often described as diesel fuel, which can have a slightly chemical and citrusy edge.

The choice between OG Kush Auto and Diesel depends on your preference for effects and flavor. If you prefer the body effects and typical taste of Kush varieties, OG Kush Auto may be a good choice. If you're looking for a mental boost and a diesel-like taste, Diesel is more likely to be for you.

Keep in mind that auto-flowering varieties like OG Kush Auto tend to have lower yields than photoperiod varieties like Diesel.

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Acid - Feminized seeds 10 pcs Paradise SeedsAcid - Feminized seeds 10 pcs Paradise Seeds

Acid - Feminized seeds 10 pcs Paradise Seeds

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Genotype sativa
Genetics NYCD
Acid is a version of the well-known Diesel (grown in the USA where it gained popularity thanks to the website overgrow.com).