Outdoor marijuana seeds are cannabis varieties that are carefully selected, developed and bred for outdoor cultivation. Outdoor varieties are strong, very productive, resistant to fungi and diseases, and do well even in the cold northern European climate. Varieties will also grow well in greenhouses. Greenhouses equipped with blackout blinds can accelerate the maturation of some genetics. With autoflowering plants, multiple crops can be harvested in a year.

Always inform yourself about the current legislation of Cannabis seeds in your country. The seller is not responsible for improper handling and cultivating.

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Euphoria - feminized 10 seeds Royal Queen SeedsEuphoria - feminized 10 seeds Royal Queen Seeds

Euphoria - feminized 10 seeds Royal Queen Seeds

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Flowering type photoperiod
Genotype indica
Placement indoor, outdoor
Euphoria is an excellent blend of a selective link between the popular hedge tribes of Royal Medic and Shark Shock. This strain has an…