AutoUltimate®- self-flowering seeds 3pcs Dutch Passion

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Dutch Passion

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In order to obtain this mixed variety of Indica / Sativa Dutch Passion, they crossed the male plant White Widow and the female "Ultimate". More

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White Widow X The Ultimate standard by Dutch Passion

This excellent and long-awaited hybrid of two of the most recognized varieties offers excellent yields in the form of very strong sticks abundantly covered with resin.

We offer this variety only in the form of normal seeds. It is sure to gain popularity among budding growers, old school experts and home growers who are interested in a reliable, strong variety that is easy to grow and shows robust growth.

For many years, we have been receiving requests for the development of the White Widow hybrid , which is one of the original cult varieties, as well as a representative of our collection with the highest representation of Indica. 

According to experience, patients use this variety against various disorders of a physical and mental nature.

It grows to a height of 1.5 m, gives very good yields and thrives well in all media , while the best results can be achieved using the DWC (Deep Water Culture) method.

Type : fifty / fifty

Genetics : White Widow X The Ultimate

Height : 1, m

Yield : very high

Harvest : 8 - 10 weeks

THC : 17% - 19%


Packaging 3 seeds
Terpenes humulen, karyofylen