Beet Burpee's Golden - Golden (Beta vulgaris) about 20 seeds

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Beet Golden - Gold was introduced in 1828 and this very old variety has stood the test of time. Small beets can be used as salad and mature beets can be used in salads or cooked as vegetables. It is especially popular with children. More

The original old cultivars of different red beets were bred on the old Burpee's Golden beet. As the name suggests, the roots are orange-yellow in color and the balls turn yellow when cooked with yellow beet and the beet does not turn, making it increasingly popular among growers. Young leaves can also be eaten raw, small beets can be used in salads, and then, of course, ripe beets can be used as cooked vegetables or their leaves to be spinned. In hot weather, it requires a larger dressing and beet can be stored throughout the winter without loss of taste and smell. Because of its taste and color, it is popular with children who do not like the classic red dyeing beet.


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