Beet Chioggia organic (Beta vulgaris) about 20 seeds

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It is a very old cultivar that was introduced to the USA from Italy in 1840. Beet is typical of keeping the markings on the so-called bull's eye. He likes the sun and is very tasty, unusual vegetable. More

This original, old cultivar of beets is a highly ornamental variety, but it is also a very tasty beet that is best suited to baking. Roots are ivory bones with a plethora of red and white concentric circles. The leaves are also very suitable for fresh salads, the older leaves very hardly substitute for spinach and is also suitable for lasagne. Beet Chioggia is named after a fishing town near Venice. We place the beet evenly along the side to a depth of 1-2 cm. Individual bulbs should have a spacing of about 20 cm. Ripening time about 50 days. She likes clayey soil and sunshine. Try out a non-traditional variety of very tasty and original beets.


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