BIO Hemp Oil - Czech 250 ml, Green Earth

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Quality BIO hemp oil is produced in the Czech Republic. More

BIO Hemp Oil - Czech Republic, Green Earth

Premium quality organic hemp oil. Cold-pressed hemp seeds.

Its biggest advantage is the balanced ratio of unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and 6 and the content of chlorophyll and phytosterols.

All the substances in the oil keep the skin healthy and cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In addition, they also support natural defenses.

Hemp oil has a light nutty flavor and taste.

Durability and oil storage: It can be taken internally 3-5 months after opening, then suitable for external use. Store cool and dark (max. 16 °C).

Use of hemp oil: Internally - 1 teaspoon per day (before/after meals or meals). In case of skin or movement problems, it is erased directly on the affected person.

It is not advisable to use it for frying but is ideal for cold dishes.

Suitable for pregnant and nursing women, vegans, and people with a gluten-free diet.

He received the Best Cannabis Oil Award from the festival's visitors (Cannafest 2016).

Packaging: 250 ml

Made in the Czech Republic.