Blue AutoMazar® - autoflowering Seeds 3 pcs Dutch Passion

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Dutch Passion

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This is the hybrid of AutoBlueberry® and AutoMazar®, two of our most popular cannabis varieties that go best to sell. More

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Blue AutoMazar by Dutch Passion

The Blue AutoMazar® hemp seeds are a combination of two legendary, original autoflowering Dutch Passion varieties, the crossing of which has resulted in an excellent new, powerful hybrid.

This is the hybrid of AutoBlueberry® and AutoMazar®, two of the most popular cannabis varieties that go best to sell.

These seeds meet the quality inherited after AutoBlueberry, which is especially appreciated by experts, with the strength and high yields of AutoMazar genetics. It is the best autoflowering variety that is currently available and about which we dare to say it will be very difficult to overcome.

Blue AutoMazar can be harvested about 75 days after germination, indica and sativa are represented at 75%:25%.

With this variety, you will get cannabis plants that will mix both parents' genetics, but some will look like AutoBlueberry and other original AutoMazar.

In bloom, this variety of growers will relish a fruity aroma with many hues that occasionally will also show a spice of spices, pepper and earthy.

The effect is strong, produces a feeling of happiness and acts as a sedative for the body. Pleasant and very joyful high is undoubtedly a welcome addition to high yields and plenty of flowers, puddles and abundant quantities of resin.

Blue AutoMazar hemp plants typically grow to a height of 80-100 cm and need space because they like to grow in width.

Most growers get 75-100 grams of top, strong hemp with a sweet taste, the most experienced can manage; skating from a single plant 200 g.

Indoor, outdoor.

Type: 75% Indica, 25% Sativa

Genetics: AutoMazar X AutoBlueberry

Height: 80-100 cm

Yield: 75-100 g/plant

Harvest: 70-75 days

THC: high


Flowering type autoflowering
Version feminized
Flower length medium (8-10 weeks)
Genotype indica
Packaging 7 seeds
CBD content low (do 1%)
THC content high (15-20%)
Yield medium
Placement indoor, outdoor
Height small (up to 1 m)
Trophies unknown
Difficulty small
Terpenes humulen, karyofylen, linalool
Genetics Ruderalis, Blueberry, Mazar