Bulletproof Coffee

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We would like to introduce you to our exclusive offer "Bulletproof Coffee", which promises a unique coffee experience enriched with CBD. More

Awaken your senses and body with our "Bulletproof Coffee" package. Enjoy delicious coffee and the beneficial properties of CBD to give you moments of relaxation and re-energization in your everyday life.


What does this package include?

✅CBD Vita 5% - natural full-spectrum oil 10ml Cannapio

✅CBD Tinctura Light 3% - natural full-spectrum oil 10ml Cannapio

✅Spa Coffee - Brazil - Pedra Redonda - espresso 500g

✅Spa Coffee - espresso blend 80/20 250g


CBD Vita 5% full-spectrum oil

Our 5% CBD tincture is full-spectrum in nature, meaning it contains up to 14% different active ingredients, including CBD, CBDV, CBG and CBDA. The THC content is below the limit of 0.05%. The effect of the tincture occurs in 5-10 minutes and lasts 1-3 hours. This tincture is a dietary supplement. Always shake before use. The composition includes MCT coconut oil and Cannabis sativa extract.


CBD Tinctura Light 3% full-spectrum oil

Our 3% CBD tincture contains 297 mg of CBD per bottle. This full-spectrum tincture also includes other active substances such as CBDV, CBG or CBDA. The THC content of the tincture is extremely low, only below 0.05%. This tincture is a dietary supplement, not a substitute for a balanced diet. The composition of the tincture includes MCT coconut oil and Cannabis sativa extract.


Spa Coffee - Brazil - Pedra Redonda

It has a rich flavor profile with notes of dark chocolate, full body, nut butter and toffee. Its type is 100% Arabica. This coffee is ideal for espresso, and its medium roast promotes a rich flavor. It comes from the Matas de Minas region in Brazil, which is famous for its quality coffee. The entire Matas de Minas region of Minas Gerais is known for its favorable conditions for growing coffee, with altitudes above 1,000 meters, fertile soil and a mild climate. Farms in this area specialize in sustainable and organic farming.


Spa Coffee - espresso blend 80/20 250g

This espresso coffee bean combines 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, and received the Great Taste Award 2022 certification. It comes from Brazil and India and is suitable for lever coffee machines, automatic coffee machines, jazzva and Moka pot. It has a distinct, bitter taste with notes of chocolate and nuts, and offers a full, intense aroma with cocoa and nutty elements. This coffee stands out for its strength due to the higher caffeine content in the robusta, which provides intense energy. In addition, it creates a rich crema on the surface of the espresso. This blend is suitable for both a stand-alone espresso and a cappuccino with a nutty accent.