Cactus Senile (plant: Astrophytum senile) - 6 cactus seeds

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Very nice hybrid cactus Astrophytum capricone, which comes from Central America. A variation of the popular cactus this time with a lighter flower that grows directly from the center of the plant. This tact is widespread in higher-lying areas in relatively inhospitable soils that are poor in nutrients and water. It is also suitable for rock gardens, but it can also be grown in a pot where it requires minimal attention and is also suitable for beginner growers. The flower of this cactus is slightly yellowish, rather white. The center of Flower Senile is distinctly orange. The cactus of the cactus beautifully surrounds the plant around. Thorns can be up to a few centimeters. A very nice and unusual cactus for experienced cacti and complete beginners.


Species Kaktus