Cactus Super Kabuto (plant: Astrophytum superkabuto) 6 seeds of cactus

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The name of this beautiful tiger and unusual cactus comes from Japan. It was here that this unconventional Cactus Astrophytum was bred. It is a relatively young cactus known only in 90 years. The very specific and original appearance of the cactus will surely surprise many growers and cacti. The white spots on the cactus have a very exotic appearance. That is why it is a very unconventional and beautiful cactus. An open flower of light color is very decorative. Pests are also significant. Mexico is considered to be the original land of the cactus. So it is clear that the Cactus Super Kabuto traveled all over the world. It avoids a rather lighted place rather than a higher humidity. He likes occasional dew and a cactus to an unusual dressing. True rarity of the plant kingdom.


Species Kaktus