Cali Terpenes Terps Spray 5 ml, Jamaican Dream

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Jamaican Dream Terpene Spray is a revolutionary spray that contains terpenes and thanks to its ease of use, it can be used on all types of food, dried flowers, herbs, and extracts. More

Cali Terpenes is a manufacturer of the best terpene profiles from the most recognized, most valuable, and various varieties of cannabis in the world.

All Terps Sprays are suitable for use in food and are packaged and labeled in accordance with applicable regulations. They contain high-quality terpenes from botanical sources and nitrogen, which only sprays terpenes, but does not mix with them. It's a real revolution for the hemp and food industries!

Main properties of Cali Terpenes

Terpenes are natural compounds found in plants and are generally responsible for their characteristic aroma. They are present not only in fruits, vegetables, and spices but also in cannabis plants.

  • Original aroma and taste
  • 100% terpenes without additives
  • Cannabinoid-free terpenes (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG)
  • Organic and vegetable
  • No solvents or toxic substances
  • No GMO
  • 0% heavy metals or pollutants
  • 0% PG/VG (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin)
  • The highest quality

Composition of terpene spray Jamaican Dream

Terpenes: myrcene, caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, limonene, terpinolene, linalool, enterodiol

Contains 5 ml of terpenes

The taste of Jamaican Dream terpene spray

It has a slightly sweet scent with hints of citrus fruits and hazelnuts.

Use of terpene spray

Terpenes have an infinite number of uses, but Terps Spray is mainly used to add aroma and flavor to specific cannabis strains and to products such as:

  • food (ready meals, desserts, snacks...)
  • dried flowers and herbs
  • extraction and resins

How to use terpene spray?

Spray the product you want to flavor at a distance of 35-45 cm quickly and evenly (to prevent excessive odor). After spraying the product from both sides, mix it (if possible) and store it in an airtight box for better homogenization and preservation of aroma.

1-second spray = approx. 0.4/0.5 aroma (depending on the applied pressure)


Do not spray before or during use!

The amount of flavor added to the product should never exceed 4% of its total weight. Less is enough to perfectly taste the final product.


Terpenes karyofylen, myrcen, limonen, linalool, pinen, terpinolen, nerolidol
Volume 5 ml
Form CBD spray