CBD Cannapio 20% - natural full-spectrum oil 10 ml

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Cannapio 20% CBD oil is currently one of the highest CBD oils in the Cannapio range.
Thanks to full-spectrum extraction, the oil has retained its content of other cannabinoids, including preserving the naturally occurring terpenes in cannabis.
This oil contains 7.44 mg of CBD in a single drop. More

According to Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 December 2006, it is not possible to indicate the health and therapeutic effects of natural products or individual ingredients contained in cannabis. More information can be obtained from freely available expert sources on the internet and from the literature.

High CBD content

One bottle contains 20% of the main active ingredient CBD.

CBD has no hallucinogenic effects.

Prefer full spectrum cannabinoids

Prefer our full spectrum extract.

Natural full-spectrum cannabis extract is the only legal extract for internal use.

Our 20% extract also contains approximately 3% CBDV and other active ingredients such as CBG or CBDA, or naturally occurring terpenes from cannabis.

THC content

Don't worry about THC in this extract. The THC content of the extract is below the 0.05% threshold. This makes it almost undetectable already in the lab. It has no chance of affecting humans at all.

The legal limit for the THC content is 0.2%, which is considerably higher.

CBD for a whole month

The recommended dose of CBD is 30 mg per 75 kg man. One 20% CBD vial covers an average of more than a month of use.

To determine the appropriate dose, we recommend calculating the appropriate dose using our CBD calculator. When calculating your CBD dosage, you need to consider both gender and weight.

This oil contains 7.44 mg of CBD per drop.

Recommended CBD dosage

Example of recommended dosage for 20% tincture:

60 Kg 75 Kg 90 Kg
Male 3 drops 4 drops 5 drops
Female 2 drops 3 drops 4 drops

How quickly and for how long does CBD work?

The effect of CBD that is applied by dropper under the tongue comes in 5-10 minutes.

The effect lasts 1-3 hours.

CBD Tinctura is a dietary supplement.

It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Shake before use. Recommended daily dosage on bottle. Store in a dry and dark place.

This is regulated by Decree No. 58/2018 on dietary supplements. It is also governed by EU and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulations.




THC content THC to 0,3 %
Extraction 20% CBD
Terpenes a mixture of terpenes
Volume 10 ml
Active substance CBD
Form CBD oil
Typ oleje plnospektrální CBD olej