CBD Tinctura Infinit 12% - natural full-spectrum oil 10 ml Cannapio

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Strong CBD extract containing CBD, CBDV, CBG, and other cannabioids. More

A large share of CBD

One vial contains 12% of the main active substance CBD. This corresponds to 1117 mg CBD.

CBD has no hallucinogenic effects. On the contrary, it helps with a number of difficulties.

What is CBD for?

Healthier heart

CBD helps the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Helps with insomnia

CBD calms and helps you fall asleep. The body is relaxed and calmed after CBD.

 Relieves pain

CBD extract is suitable for influencing long-term pain, such as joint pain. It is a natural alternative to medications that cannot be taken for a long time.

Relieves stress

A few drops of full-spectrum cannabis extract on a person's tongue are released after great mental strain. The effect is almost immediate.

Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

According to a number of studies, CBD is an excellent prevention against these two diseases. Relaxing the body also helps reduce tremors.

Prefer full-spectrum cannabinoids

Prefer our full-spectrum extract.

Natural full-spectrum cannabis extract is the only legal extract for internal use.

In addition, our 12% extract contains about 3% CBDV and other active substances such as CBG or CBDA. In total, it contains up to 14% of various active substances.

THC ratio

Don't worry about THC in this extract. The THC content of the extract is below 0.05%. This makes it almost undetectable in the laboratory. He has no chance to influence a person in any way.

The statutory limit for THC content is 0.2%, which is significantly more.

CBD for a whole month

The recommended dose of CBD is 30 mg per man 75 kg. This corresponds to 37 benefits for the price of CZK 34 per benefit. One 12% CBD bottle is covered on average more than a month of use.

If you want to determine the appropriate dose, we recommend calculating the appropriate dose using our CBD calculator. Gender and weight should be considered when calculating CBD dosage.

The recommended dosage of CBD

Example of the recommended dosage of 9% tincture:

60 kg 75 kg 90 kg
Man 4 drops 5 drops 6.5 drops *
Woman 3 drops 4 drops 5 drops

* lower extracts such as 3% or 6% are dosed better and more accurately.

How fast and for how long does CBD work?

The effect of CBD, which is applied with a dropper under the tongue, comes in 5-10 minutes.

The effect lasts 1-3 hours.


CBD Tinctura is a dietary supplement.

It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. Shake before use. Recommended daily dosage per bottle. Store in a dry and dark place.

This is regulated by Decree No. 58/2018 Coll. on food supplements. It also follows EU and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulations.

Ingredients: MTC coconut oil, Cannabis sativa extract.


Terpenes a mixture of terpenes
Volume 10 ml
Extraction 12% CBD
Active substance CBD, CBDv, CBG, CBDa