Encourages you - loose organic hemp tea

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Would you like more strength and energy? The herbal mixture WILL ENCOURAGE you, kick you! An energetic combination of BIO hemp and the highest quality hand-grown BIO herbs from the White Carpathians. More

Everyone would like to avoid stress. It's good to be without him and have relaxing moments. Try to calm down and tell yourself that you will not be stressed. Prepare organic tea, Encourages you! and treat yourself to a calm, relaxing moment that will calm you down.

Everything will become more pleasant

Aren't you feeling well? Can't keep up, do you have a lot of work? Not only for these moments but also for relaxing days, the ideal herbal mixture will encourage you. Take a break and put yourself in a better mood. It tastes great and makes you happy.

Preparation instructions:

Pour about 250 ml of water into a tablespoon of the hemp mixture.

Once the water has boiled, let it cool for a while. The ideal temperature for pouring the mixture is about 85 °C.

After pouring, let the tea stand for 5 minutes, drain it and ideally add a teaspoon of hemp oil.

After a few minutes, we wish you "good taste".


  • cannabis BIO 65%
  • lemon balm BIO 18%
  • goodwill BIO 5%
  • mother's ear BIO 5%
  • BIO division 2%
  • mallow flower BIO 1%
  • chamomile bio 1%
  • lavender BIO 3%

The herbs used are from Certified Organic Agriculture: CZ - BIO-001.