Exclusive CBD Cosmetic Package

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The exclusive cosmetic CBD package from Enecta delivers highly effective skin and body care. Contains a moisturizing cream, facial cleanser and body lotion with a significant CBD content that provide hydration, protection and regeneration of the skin. More


This cosmetic CBD package makes a great gift for those looking for comprehensive skin and body care. The products contain natural ingredients, CBD and vitamins to hydrate, protect and regenerate the skin.


✅Enecta Moisturizing cream CBD 350 mg, 50 ml

✅Enecta Face and throat cleaner CBD 200 mg, 200 ml

✅Enecta Body lotion CBD 200 mg, 200 ml

✅Cannapio CBD hemp capsules - full spectrum 10 mg


Enecta moisturizing cream CBD 350mg

✅Contains an exceptional 350 mg of CBD in a 50 ml package, which represents an impressive 6% content of the main active substance CBD.

✅It uses natural hyaluronic acid of plant origin, which hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.

✅Supports the internal production of hyaluronic acid, which is key for healthy skin.

✅Contains antioxidants, vitamin E and natural squalene to protect and hydrate the skin.

Enecta Face and Throat Cleanser CBD 200 mg

✅ Gently cleanses all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is also suitable for acne-prone skin.

✅Contains cold-pressed hemp oil, which hydrates and regulates sebaceous glands.

✅Natural ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe, witch hazel and sage support healthy skin.

Enecta Body lotion CBD 200 mg

✅Body lotion rich in CBD that protects all skin types, including sensitive.

✅Contains natural oils, including hemp oil, which hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

CBD crystals provide antioxidant effects for youthful and bright skin.

Cannapio CBD hemp capsules - Fullspectrum 10 mg

✅Each capsule contains exactly 10 mg of CBD, which makes a total of 300 mg of CBD in the package.

✅Prefers full spectrum hemp extract, which includes not only CBD, but also other useful substances for maximum effects.

THC content is minimal and does not exceed 0.05%, which is almost undetectable and does not affect the user.