Frankincense Frereana - 100% Natural Frankincense Essential Oil (10ml)

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Also known as Maydi: the king of all incense; Boswellia frereana has a very fresh, diffusive, pungent, piney aroma with intense, deep woody-resinous undertones and a subtle citrus-lemon top note. More

Frankincense Frereana(Boswellia frereana)

Frankincense Frereana essential oil is hydrodistilled from the resinous dried sap of the Boswellia frereana tree native to the Daallo Mountains in the northern Sanaag region of Somaliland.

Although both Frereana frankincense and Carteria frankincense are native to the mountainous regions of Somaliland, Frereana frankincense typically grows at higher altitudes, giving this oil a unique chemical composition. This variety of frankincense has a high content of pinene, thujene and cymene, giving this oil excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic and analgesic properties.

Uses of frankincense oil

Revered for centuries for its uplifting and alluring earthy, slightly musky scent, Frereana Frankincense essential oil is widely used in uplifting, relaxing and balancing blends. Incense, which has been used in worship since time immemorial for the way it combines its many healing powers with an intoxicating fragrance, can rightly be said to belong to the family of sacred scents. Boswellia Frereana is also commonly used in skin and beauty care products, and not just because of its pleasant scent. This essential oil has the ability to strengthen and improve the health of the skin, balance the complexion and add elasticity to the skin. It also provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Emotionally and energetically, Frereana Frankincense essential oil calms and energizes. Frereana Frankincense Oil promotes emotional healing, reflection and introspection, especially in times of situational anxiety and depression. Known for its remarkable grounding effects, Frereana Frankincense Oil is widely used in meditation blends to help stabilize and calm a troubled mind or spirit.

How to use

The oil is suitable for use in aromatherapy.

The oil can be used to enrich beauty creams, for bathing or massage.

This is a cosmetic product, not intended for internal use.


Volume 10 ml