Garlic Budder - feminized marijuana seeds 10 pcs, Humboldt Seed Company

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The feminized Garlic Budder strain is a 70% indica strain, producing extreme THC. The marijuana seeds were created by crossing Fortune Cookie and GMO strains. The result is a highly productive strain with a very interesting terpene profile. More

Garlic Budder - feminized marijuana seeds from Humboldt Seed Company

Feminized cannabis seeds of the Garlic Budder variety from the Humboldt Seed Company seed bank were created by combining the Fortune Cookie strain and GMO strains. The result is an interesting, indica dominant strain with high production and extreme THC content.

Outdoors, this cannabis strain is ready for harvest in October. Indoors, the flowering time is about 70 days.

The plants are tall and bushy.

As the name suggests, the Garlic Budder variety will surprise you with an interesting spicy terpene You will find a spicy garlic terpene profile along with buttery and nutty undertones.

Summary of information on the Garlic Budder cannabis variety

Genotype: 70% indica, 30% sativa

Genetics: Fortune Cookie x GMO

Flowering time: 70 days

Outdoor harvest: October

THC content: 28-32 %



Flowering type photoperiod
Version feminized
Flower length long (10+ weeks)
Genotype indica
THC content THC extreme over 25%
Yield high
Placement indoor, outdoor