GELATO 45 feminized seeds 10 pcs Barney´s Farm

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Gelato#45™ is a super breeding pattern from the Barney's Farm laboratory . More

GELATO#45™ feminized hemp seeds Barney's Farm

GELATO#45feminized seeds are famous from Barney's Farm seed bank, they will amaze you with their uniqueness.

The parents of GELATO#45™ Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies have provided a beautifully balanced 60% Indica hybrid, a good choice for growers with all thelevels of experience, extremely forgiving but also very versatile for a wide range of growing techniques.

GELATO#45™ has an extraordinary, unique flavor and contrasting aromatic profile with subtle notes of earthy pine, floral and skunky citrusnotes, while the deliciously sweet aroma is reminiscent of mint-chocolate ice cream and fruity sweet berries.

Dark vibrant shades of lime and olive green large fan-shaped leaves develop during growth and then, in the right hands, a spectacular array of colours emerge with the final stage of flowering. With beautiful contrasting leaves against a background of deep purples, with faded red and orange hues. The densely compacted orbicular buds, which steadily enlarge, covered with deep purple sugar leaves are gradually engulfed by the puffylime green resin glands covered with bright amber pistils and a golden coating of sticky resin trichomes as it matures.

Gelato #45 is a strong sturdy plant reaching up to 120 cm with a high THC content, the flowering time of this is 10 weeks.

Details of the feminized variety Wedding Gelato


Genetics: Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Indoor yield: up to 650-700 g/m2

Yield outdoor: up to 1500-2000 g/plant

Outdoor height: 200-250cm

Indoor height: 100-120cm

Flowering time: 10 weeks

Harvest month: early October

THC: 22%

CBD: low

Cannabis terpenes contained in Gelato#45™ plant



It comes from the world of spices, herbs and vegetables. It is characterised by a peppery aroma with woody notes. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effects typical of other terpenes, it has an analgesic effect, so it is helpful not only in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, but also in pain management.



A terpene with the typical aroma of citrus fruits in which it is commonly found, it is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. In aromatherapy it is used in the adjunctive treatment of respiratory diseases.


Flowering type photoperiod
Version feminized
Flower length medium (8-10 weeks)
Genotype sativa, indica
THC content very high (nad 20%)
Yield high
Placement indoor, outdoor
Difficulty střední náročnost
Genetics Girl Scout Cookies