Harmony CBD E-liquid 600 mg, 10 ml, Mango Kush

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Mango Kush has a sinfully satisfying mango flavor that turns ordinary days into a tropical paradise. Let yourself be carried away by the taste of delicious pineapple and banana. More

CBD e-liquids from Harmony are refilled suitable for electronic cigarettes for aromatherapy. They do not contain nicotine or THC.

Mango Kush smells and tastes of mango and its tropical undertone is pineapple, banana, apple, and woody pine. Thanks to the terpene myrcene, which is also found in mangoes, has a sweet and musky scent, like the popular variety of hemp Mango Kush. This friendly taste playfully awakens all five senses, the sweetness of which persists in the tongue and your idea goes on a holiday in the Caribbean.

Harmony CBD e-liquids

It is a series of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes based on real cannabis flavors, supplemented only by CBD and terpenes. The unique aroma is created by terpenes and compounds that are produced by various plants and are responsible for their aroma and taste.

Why do people love Harmony CBD e-liquids?

  • The best product for cannabis smokers who want to switch to vaporization.
  • Popular for its hemp flavor based on terpenes and high-quality CBD content.
  • The unique aroma of cannabis is available only with CBD or terpenes.
  • Certified, independently tested every month, TPD quality control.

What is the difference between CBD and terpenes?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the main compounds of the cannabis plant. It is a naturally occurring substance with no psychoactive effect and is extracted directly from the cannabis plant.

Terpenes are natural compounds found in plants and are generally responsible for their characteristic aroma. They are present not only in fruits, vegetables, and spices but also in cannabis plants.

Composition of CBD e-liquid

  • propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin (PG/VG)
  • terpenes (α-Santalene, Myrcene, Limonene)

Properties of CBD e-liquid

  • CBD per 10 ml vial: 600 mg (60 mg/ml)
  • PG/VG: 80/20 for the best steaming experience
  • no THC content, no nicotine, no alcohol, no animal extracts
  • terpene-based flavors
  • USP - food quality of ingredients
  • certified CBD concentration in a 10 ml vial
  • secured against counterfeiting and child abuse


Not intended for children and adolescents under 18 years. Keep tightly closed and protected from direct sunlight. It does not contain any THC or nicotine. Natural product. Do not use it immediately before and when driving a motor vehicle. Keep out of reach of children. CBD e-liquids are not a medical product and should not be associated with any claims.

Use of CBD e-liquid

CBD e-liquids Harmony can be coated like any other e-liquid. Thanks to the rich terpene profiles, it is recommended to steam at settings between 10 and 25 watts.


CBD content 600 mg CBD
Terpenes limonen, linalool, myrcen
Genetics Kush
Volume 10 ml
Active substance CBD
Form e-liquid filling