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Delicious nutty taste with the ideal ratio of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. With 20 amino acids, they are an ideal source of protein. More

Thedescription is taken from the official manufacturer Hemp Daddy.

Today, peeled hemp seeds are referred to as a superfood. No wonder, their taste and effects have been popular for many years and people have known them since ancient times. Hemp seeds are composed of 25% protein, 31% fat and 34% sugars. They also contain 20 amino acids, which are essential substances for protein. These positively influence the harmonious functioning of the immune system and are also essential for the formation of muscles and muscle tissue. Among the other substances that hemp seeds contain, it is certainly worth mentioning the whole A number of vitamins A, B, C and E, chlorophyll, lecithin, magnesium, calcium, iron, chromium, potassium and other minerals.


Hulled hemp seeds are most commonly used as a sprinkling on salads. Both on vegetables and fruits. Alternatively, you can blend them together with water to make a tasty milk. They are great for fruit and vegetable smoothies that you indulge in after a workout, or as a quick breakfast. It's also a great addition to avocado spreads, chickpea hummus, pasta and salad pesto, or for making raw desserts like meatballs or date bars. Children love it in vegetable cream soups.The delicious nutty flavour makes it a great addition to pea, carrot or broccoli cream. You can have a spoonful of hemp seeds just like that or when you are feeling hungry.


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