Hemp Daddy - Hemp ointment pure 200 ml

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Hemp ointment is a universal helper for every household. It has a really wide range of uses , it can be used for eczema and acne, for problems with cold sores, skin care or atopic manifestations. It is not much talked about but it is also suitable for hemorrhoids. Hemp Dad's hemp ointment has a certified CBD content. The hemp that Hemp Daddy works with he grows and processes himself. As a result, he has full control over the quality of the hemp ointments.

You use the hemp ointment:

  • for eczema and acne

  • for hemorrhoids

  • for cold sore problems

  • for skin care

  • for atopic manifestations

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Cannabis sativa seed oil

Volume: 200 ml


Volume 200 ml
Form CBD mastic