Hemp Daddy - Hemp ointment with comfrey 80 ml

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Hemp Dad - Great hemp ointment with comfrey. More

Usethe ointment with comfrey wherever you need to support healing processes and at the same time relieve pain. You can use it on burns, abrasions, bruises, joints, varicose veins and also on tibial ulcers. The reason why Daddy started adding comfrey to hemp ointment is because it is a suitable alternative for the calming effects of the psychoactive THC, which is present in the ointment only in state-tolerated amounts.

Hemp-Costival Ointment:

  • for tibial ulcers
  • on joints and varicose veins
  • for burns and abrasions
  • for pain and bruises
  • to promote healing processes

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Cannabis sativa seed oil, Symphyti radix

Volume: 80 ml


Volume 80 ml
Form CBD mastic