Hemp protein cocoa with banana 1 kg, Green Earth

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Hemp protein with cocoa and banana. Sweetened with Stevia Extract. More

Hemp protein cocoa with banana, Green Earth

Cannabis protein with cocoa and banana is a 45% vegetable protein with valuable nutritional values.

Cannabis protein contains all 23 amino acids and omega 3, 6, and 9 unsaturated fatty acids. It is a great source of calcium as it contains up to 20%. It is a natural source of large amounts of vitamins, iron, or magnesium. Gluten-free and lactose-free.

Rich in fiber and helps detoxify the body.

Protein Use: Shake or shake with milk or water. Add to yogurt, mash...

Nutritional Values in 100 g:

Energy 1565 kJ/374 kcal

Protein 45 g
Fats 11 g
of which unsaturated fatty acids 9 g
Omega 3: 2,000 mg
Omega 6: 5.900 mg
Omega 9: 1,100 mg

of which saturated fatty acids 2 g

Carbohydrates 6 g, of which sugar 3 g

Fiber: 16 g

Salt: 0 g

INGREDIENTS: Cannabis protein, unroasted cocoa powder, banana powder, sweetener: Steviol glycoside (stevia)

The package contains about 8 servings. The recommended daily dose is 15 g.

Packaging: 1 kg

Made in the Czech Republic.