Hemp refreshment - loose organic hemp tea

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A refreshing combination of BIO hemp with rosehip, elderberry, mint, and dried apples. More

Taste and let yourself be transported to the Wallachian hillside with orchards with blooming apple trees, to a meandering stream overgrown with elderberry, arrow, and mint. Just dream and taste.

Everything will become more pleasant

Aren't you feeling well? Can't keep up, do you have a lot of work? Not only for these moments but also on relaxing days, the herbal mixture of Hemp Refreshment is ideal. Take a break and put yourself in a better mood. It tastes great and makes you happy.

Preparation instructions:

Pour about 250 ml of water into a tablespoon of the hemp mixture.

Once the water has boiled, let it cool for a while. The ideal temperature for pouring the mixture is about 85 °C.

After pouring, let the tea stand for 5 minutes, drain it and ideally add a teaspoon of hemp oil.

After a few minutes, we wish you "good taste".


  • cannabis BIO
  • BIO arrows
  • elderflower BIO
  • apples dried BIO
  • lemongrass BIO
  • mint BIO

The herbs used are from Certified Organic Agriculture: CZ - BIO-001.