Hollands Hope - feminized 3pcs Dutch Passion seeds

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Hollands Hope is one of the traditional Dutch outdoor varieties. It is mostly an indicator with typical effects for this tax. More

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Hollands Hope by Dutch Passion

Holland Hope is a time-honored outdoor experience, one of the first to be fully acclimatised and cultivated outdoors since the early 1980s.

Holland Hope is known for its mold resistance , it is a perennial and reliable variety that can be harvested in late September or early October, roughly after 8 weeks of flowering.

It is a high-quality strain of Indica, which has been adapted to withstand the climate of Holland, growing well in other climatic conditions .

Plants are typically 1-2 meters tall , the sticks reach 50 cm in length and contain small petals.

The effects are actually grounding stoned. HollandsHope produces 100-1000 g / plant according to growth conditions. However, care must be taken to avoid too much nutrients, as this may cause too much leaf growth to the detriment of the sticks.

Holland Hope has been a long time between reliable and productive strains, the smoke is quite sweet and the effect is heavy, it is equally appreciated by recreational smokers as well as by users for curative effects.

Type : Indica 100%

Height : 1 - 2 m

Yield : 100-1000 g / plant

Flowering time : 8 weeks

Harvest : end of September, beginning of October

THC : 14.5%


Flowering type photoperiod
Version feminized
Flower length short (up to 8 weeks)
Genotype indica
Packaging 3 seeds
CBD content low (do 1%)
THC content high (15-20%)
Yield medium
Placement outdoor
Height large (over 1.5m)
Trophies unknown
Difficulty medium
Terpenes geraniol, ocimen
Genetics Himalaian