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Juniper berry essential oil has a rich history of traditional uses and benefits with its fresh, woody, balsamic, slightly sweet aroma. Juniper berry essential oil is widely used as a culinary fragrance ingredient and is the main flavouring agent in gin. More

Juniperuscommunis (Juniperus communis)

Our organically created juniper essential oil is steam distilled from the stunning blue fruits of the evergreen Juniperus communis tree grown in the forested areas of India.

In natural fragrance applications, juniper oil is considered a middle note. The bright woodsy scent of juniper essential oil blends well with other essential oils from woods, conifers, herbs, spices, mint and flowers. All the aerial parts of the juniper bush can be distilled, but the ripe berries are considered the most therapeutic part of the plant.

Uses of juniper oil

Richly balsamic and resinously sweet, juniper essential oil promotes clear breathing, detoxification and purification when inhaled by direct palm or diffusion . Used in this way, along with a therapeutic massage, juniper oil invigorates, strengthens and refreshes the body and also promotes detoxification of the skin. This essential oil is also useful when you want to help with minor pain and inflammation, also reducing the presence of unwanted bacteria and fungus. For strong immunity support, the oil is the best option for use in homemade cleansing recipes and blends for colds and flu. Juniper berry essential oil is also added to blends to help with painful joints, arthritis and headaches. Juniper essential oil is popular among oil users for its amazing aroma and therapeutic properties, whether diffused or applied topically.

Because of its ability to purify the air, the fresh aroma of juniper berry essential oil can produce a calming, grounding effect. While its attributes include a strengthening effect on the nerves, from a psychological perspective, juniper is said to lift the spirits in times of low energy, anxiety and weakness.

How to use

The oil is suitable to use for aromatherapy.

The oil can be used to enrich cosmetic creams, for bath or massage.

It is a cosmetic product, not intended for internal use.


Volume 10 ml