Lemon oil - 100% natural essential oil 10 ml

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Lemon oil is most often used in cleaning products but also reduces pain and inflammation. It is also used in cosmetic products. More

Lemon oil (Citrus limonum) 10 ml

Our organically produced lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from bright yellow skins of freshly harvested citrus fruits grown in sunny orchards of the Indian landscape. With its fresh, refreshing, and magically sweet lemon scent, lemon oil is a welcome addition to the collection of essential oils and perfumes.

Like most other citrus peel oils, limonene is the dominant component of lemon oil, with a dozen other refreshing terpenoid substances in low concentrations, which still give the aroma a distinctive aroma.

Our lemon essential oil does not contain Bergapten (FCF) - it is safe for use in skincare without photosensitivity. FCF (without furanocoumarin) is an abbreviation used to indicate that chemical compounds causing extreme skin sensitization to sunlight have been removed. In the case of lemon oil, the specific furanocoumarin is Bergapten.


Lemon essential oil is often used in cleaning products that use the cleaning nature of lemons to effectively clean and brighten the space. In addition to being an exceptional choice for cleaning, lemon oil is also a powerful choice for formulating compositions that reduce bacteria and help clean minor infections as well as reduce pain and inflammation.

Essential lemon oil is also commonly used in cosmetic products, especially those relating to skincare. It has strong antioxidant activity and anti-aging effects, and effectively reduces free radical damage to skin cells and tissues.

Emotionally and energetically lemon essential oil brings a mixture of sparks and can help lift a cloud of depression or alleviate emotional tension.

It has an extremely calming effect, especially when added to a diffuser and used for aromatherapy. Lemon oil can also help with mental alertness and improve concentration. It has the ability to restore the mind by creating positive thinking and eliminating negative emotions.


Terpenes limonen, linalool, myrcen, ocimen
Volume 10 ml