Lime - 100% natural essential oil 10 ml

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Lime oil has a strong therapeutic effect. It is used in cleaning products and hair care. Effective against insects. More

Lime oil (Citrus aurantifo) 10 ml

Our organically produced lime essential oil, also called Key Lime Essential Oil, is cold-pressed from the fresh, vegetable peel of Citrus aurantifolia fruit grown in Italian orchards that have been kissed by the sun.

Our lime oil has a particularly clear, pleasant, fruity, and slightly sweet aroma: excellent in natural perfumery!

Unlike commercially available lime oils, which are considered highly photosensitive, our cold lime ether oil is not phototoxic and suitable for use in skincare or wherever photosensitivity is concerned.


Fresh, bushy, and fragrantly strong, lime essential oil shares much of its therapeutic profile with a citrus cousin, lemon and has many of the same astringent, toning properties.

Lime oil is frequently used in cleaning products for the face and body for its cleaning properties and uplifting scent. Lime essential oil can help promote a youthful appearance, reduce the appearance of fine lines, uneven pigmentation, and loss of elasticity.

Calcium has a stretching effect, making it perfect for users that helps rejuvenate the skin. Calcium in hair care products helps improve the shine by allowing the outer layer of the hair strands, cuticles, to lie flat and reflect more light.

In aromatherapy, the refreshing but not very sweet properties of lime oil can help to increase mental clarity and alertness and can also promote feelings of positive, calm, and harmony. It is often used in mixtures with other cleaning and uplifting oils greater refreshing power and strengthening emotional balance and well-being.

The lime essential oil also works effectively against mosquitoes and insects, as these buzzing inconveniences react negatively to citrus scents and refrain from where they smell.


Terpenes myrcen, ocimen, limonen, linalool
Volume 10 ml