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With its strong, herbal, citrus and floral aroma, Neroli oil is a rare floral essential oil, particularly effective and best used in small quantities. More

Neroli(Citrus aurantium var amara)

Neroli essential oil is steam distilled from the hand-picked delicate white flowers of Citrus aurantium var amara, also known as Bigaradia trees, growing in the sun-drenched citrus groves of Morocco.

Neroli oil is sought after by perfumers and aromatherapists for its higher percentage of natural linalyl acetate. It is one of the highly recommended essential oils to use when you want to bring balance and peace to the mind, body and spirit.

Uses of Neroli oil

In addition to bringing balance to the entire system, Neroli essential oil deeply nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties have a toning, cleansing and astringent effect that helps skin look more awake and alive. This essential oil can help relieve unwanted muscle spasms, reduce minor pain and inflammation. Neroli oil is often used to strengthen a weakened immune system or to protect against colds or flu.

Emotionally and energetically, Neroli essential oil is calming. This essential oil is welcomed in times of situational anxiety and depression, as it can help relax nerves and inspire creativity. Neroli further brings us in touch with our higher self and can help facilitate greater spiritual awareness and understanding.

How to use

The oil is suitable to use for aromatherapy.

The oil can be used to enrich beauty creams, for bathing or massage.

This is a cosmetic product, not intended for internal use.


Volume 10 ml