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This variety originated using genetics from a very popular variety of Orange Bud and Californian Orange, breeding took place for six generations to create a stable and strong Orange Skunk with plenty of orange hairs for harvest, generous yield, and citrus flavor. More

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Orange Hill Special seeds

Orange Hill Special is an exceptional selection of Orange Skunk, which is a new addition to the "Orange" family. This variety was created using genetics from the very popular variety Orange Bud and Californian Orange, two varieties from the 1980s that are stably demanded by customers. Breeding took place for six generations to create a stable and strong Orange Skunk with plenty of orange hairs for harvest, generous yield and citrus flavor.

Indica and sativa are 50%:50% and THC is 21%, which results in a great high with solid and pleasantly relaxing effect. Plants are typically shorter, grow to a height of about 1 meter, and have plenty of sides to shoot sticky sticks. This variety from the entire Orange family seems most like a shrub and offers the best revenue. Initially, the nutrient supply should be measured, but in the flower it can use a substantial amount of nutrients and can be harvested in 8-9 weeks. In the warm climate, it grows outdoors around mid-October (in the southern hemisphere in mid-April).

The yields are generous and can reach up to 450 g of well-grown plants. This variety can be strongly recommended to fans of the Orange family, as well as to anyone - as uniquely special with a rich income. The same breeder, who has developed a variety such as Power Plant, The Ultimate, Skunk #11, Euforia and Master Kush, worked on its development and production. Available in feminized versions or as common seeds.

Type: fifty/fifty

GeneticsOrange Bud X Californian Orange

Height: Medium

Harvest indoor: XL

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

THC: 21%


Flowering type photoperiod
Version regular
Flower length medium (8-10 weeks)
Genotype fifty-fifty
Packaging 10 seeds
CBD content low (do 1%)
THC content very high (nad 20%)
Yield high
Placement indoor, greenhouse
Height medium (1 - 1.5m)
Trophies Highlife Cup 3.Místo
Difficulty medium
Terpenes karyofylen, limonen, myrcen, pinen
Genetics Californian, Orange Bud