Organic Cannabis Seed Paddy 150 g, Green Earth

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Paddy Cannabis Seed. Suitable for hot and cold dishes. One of the healthiest and most nutritious foods for the human body. More

Organic Cannabis Seed Paddy, Green Earth

Organic paddy hemp seed comes from certified agriculture.

The seeds have a fine nut taste.

Cannabis seed contains all 23 amino acids, is a natural source of large amounts of vitamins, iron, or calcium. Substances that are involved promote brain activity, stimulate organ regeneration and lower cholesterol. They fully support the immune system and have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects.

The use of cannabis seeds is suitable for people with high physical and mental stress. They are also suitable for people with a gluten-free diet.

Using Cannabis Seeds: Seeds are suitable as an ingredient in any meal. It is possible to make a paste suitable for spreads or soups. If it is soaked overnight in water, blended and drained, we get the hemp milk. Hemp seed is also suitable for baked snacks.

Packing: 150 g

Made in the Czech Republic.