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Original Skunk 1 was the first true stabilized hybrid to enter Dutch cannabis greenhouses. It was originally created by Sacred Seeds in the late 70s from Afghani Indica, Acapulco Gold Mexican Sativa and Columbian Gold Sativa. It is considered the "gold standard" for modern hybrid cannabis. More

Original Skunk 1 - regular marijuana seeds from Seedsman seed bank

Original Skunk 1regular marijuana seeds were bred by crossing Afgani Indica, Acapulco Gold Mexican Sativa and Colombian Gold sativa strains. This is the first stabilized hybrid to be introduced to the emerging Dutch growing scene.

Thanks to the stabilisation, this variety is used as a basis for further crosses and cloning.

It is very easy to grow. Cannabis plants have dense buds, ranging in colour from light green to shades of gold. The buds are full of resin. The structure of the plant offers easy conditioning and high yields.

The genotype is predominantly sativa.

Basic information about the standardised variety Original Skunk 1

Genotype: predominantly sativa

Genetics: Afghani Indica x Acapulco Gold Mexican Sativa x Columbian Gold Sativa

Indoor yield: 500 g/m²

Yield outdoor: 450 g/plant

Flowering time: 9 weeks

Harvest month: mid-October

THC: 15 - 19 %

Original Skunk 1 -Seedsman - obsah THC


Flowering type photoperiod
Version regular
Flower length medium (8-10 weeks)
Genotype sativa
THC content high (15-20%)
Yield high
Placement indoor, outdoor
Genetics Afghani, Colombian, Acapulco