Peppermint - 100% natural essential oil 10 ml

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Peppermint oil is an excellent choice for soothing spasms and pain. Thanks to its cooling effect it helps in the care of burnt skin. It also strengthens strength and hair growth. More

Peppermint oil (Mentha arvensis) 10ml

Our organically created mint essential oil , also known as wild mint essential oil, Japanese Mint or Field Mint, is distilled with steam from the richly aromatic, vibrant green leaves of Mentha arvensis growing wild in Indian forests.

This essential oil has a full, strong peppermint, warm, herbal aroma that represents the ultimate fragrance.

Essential mint oil has a high menthol content and tends to crystallize at low temperatures. If this happens, simply place a bottle of essential oil in a bowl of warm water and the crystals will dissolve.

Although sometimes falsely referred to as peppermint oil because of its similarity in aroma, both mint (Mentha piperita and Mentha arvensis) have a completely different chemical composition. For fragrance and soap applications, however, Cornmint can be cost-effectivea practical replacement for peppermint essential oil.


Essential mint oil is an excellent choice if you want to soothe uncomfortable muscle cramps and help manage less pain and inflammation. Due to its cooling effect, it is recommended for use in skin care products to achieve healthy and radiant skin. Mentha arvensis can also help hydrate burned skin and relieve pain from sunburn. It also has properties that facilitate oil secretion, making it an active ingredient against acne.

When used in hair care products, it penetrates the surface of the scalp, is able to stimulate hair follicles and facilitate blood circulation to promote the growth of stronger and healthier hair. Essential oil is also widely used in soaps, toothpastes , detergents, cosmetics , perfumesand especially industrial fragrances.

Peppermint oil is inspired by mental peace and emotional stability. Menthol sweet aroma can enhance and soothe mood, while balancing thoughts and promoting openness and positivity.


Terpenes linalool, menthol, eukalyptol
Volume 10 ml