Phoenix drops 30% Opticomplex - CBD + CBG + CBN, THC 1%, 10ml

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Introducing NEW - the first CBD oil with 1% THC! It is a full-spectrum CBD + CBG + CBN oil Phoenix phoenix with a THC content of up to 1%. More

Product description Phoenix drops 30% Opticomplex is taken over from the official manufacturer BIOindustries sro

Phoenix drops 30% Opticomplex

Introducing NEW - the first CBD oil with 1% THC on the Czech market! It is a full- spectrum CBD + CBG phoenix oil with a THC content of up to 1%.

Phoenix drops contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids - CBD 10% + CBG 10% + CBN 10%, THC 1%. Their mutual combination enhances their action. Unlike the Phoenix Tears product, these drops contain a legal percentage of THC - up to 1%.

Cannabidiol CBD - is one of the many substances contained in cannabis. It is one of the most important and widespread cannabinoids. This product contains 1000 mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract, 1000 mg of CBG extract and 1000 mg of CBN extract - all in high-quality hemp oil.

Cannabinoid CBG - Cannabigerol is another of the cannabinoids in cannabis. CBG is rarer than CBD because cannabis plants contain it less and make extraction more expensive. CBG acts on a wider range of receptors than cannabidiol CBD.

Cannabinoid CBN - Unlike THC , CBN has no significant psychoactive effects. However, the most well-known and celebrated effect of CBN is its calming, sedative effect.

CBD drops - composition:

- 1000 mg CBD extract (10%)

- 1000 mg CBG extract (10%)

- 1000 mg CBN extract (10%)

- <100 mg THC extract (<1%)

- 10 ml hemp oil

Phoenix drops production:

Phoenix drops are produced by the method of supercritical CO2 extraction from technical hemp of first-class quality.

The product Phoenix drops 10% CBD + CBG 10% + 10% CBN - T1, 10 ml is intended for further processing. Do not expose to high or low temperatures.

Shake before use.


CBD content 1000 mg CBD
THC content THC up to 1 %
Extraction 10% CBD
Volume 10 ml
Active substance CBD, CBG, CBN, THC
Form CBD oil