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Pineapple Chunk Feminized Seeds - This three-way hybrid is made up of the popular genetics Pineapple, Cheese and Skunk n.1. More

Pineapple Chunk feminized by Barney's Farm

Feminized Pineapple Chunk is a three-way hybrid whose genetics consist of Pineapple, Cheese and Skunk n.1.

Feminized Pineapple Chunkseeds consist of an indica and a sativagenotype.

This variety is very resistant to pests and fungi and despite the recommendation to grow indoors, will grow well outdoors.

It grows to a height of 90-100 cm and the flowering time is 55-60 days with massive yields.

Pineapple Chunk was awarded 1st place in the2009 HTCC Indica Cup.

Marijuana seeds are the pride of Barney's Farm seed bank.

The Pineapple Chunk cannabis variety has a high THC content.

Genetics of Pineapple Chunk feminized seeds

Cheese -Originating in the UK in the 1980s and from theSkunk No. 1 genetic line . It can help with headache problems or eating disorders.

Skunk - Developed through years of gradual breeding of different cannabis species from Central and South America, Afghanistan and Thailand. It is one of the most popular strains worldwide. Its flowers are visibly sticky and have a strong aroma. Many hybrids are based on this model.

Pineapple (P ineapple) - also a hybrid cannabis, it was developed from the Ed Rosenthal Super Bud hybrid phenotype. The cannabis has a robust body and the flowers are pear-shaped. It has a strong pineapple aroma.

Details of Pineapple Chunk feminized

Genotype: 80% indica, 20% sativa

Genetics: Pineapple x Cheese x Skunk n.1

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

Indoor yield: 600 g/m²

Yield outdoor: 600 g/m²

THC: high 25%

CBD: medium 1.1%

Awards: 2009 Indica Cup HTCC 1st place

Hemp terpenes in Pineapple Chunk

Myrcene - Myrcene has a very earthy aroma with hints of musk and clove. It appears mainly in lemongrass, thyme, laurel and hop sticks. Myrcene in cannabis is mainly concentrated in the flowers of the plant. It contributes to the treatment of stroke, osteoarthritis, rheumatism and inflammatory diseases due to its antioxidant effects.

Pinen - Pinen is characterised by its fresh and unobtrusive grassy aroma. This terpene is very typical of conifers. Its aroma is a blend of rosemary, basil and the scent of the forest. It has potential therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it particularly useful in aromatherapy. Thanks to pinene, more air enters the lungs of patients with breathing difficulties. It thus helps to treat asthma and respiratory infections.

Limonene - Limonene has a very fresh aroma due to the citrus peels in which this terpene is found. These are mainly oranges, lemons, grapefruits and tangerines. Limonene is a very powerful antioxidant and is popular in aromatherapy because of its freshness. Last but not least, it has antiviral effects and prevents the negative effects of diabetes.

Caryophyllene - Cannabis terpene Caryophyllene is mainly found in herbs, spices and vegetables. It has a typical peppery aroma with woody notes and is also very fresh. Caryophyllene has anti-inflammatory properties that make it suitable for aromatherapy and can also help treat pain of various origins due to its properties.


Flowering type photoperiod
Version feminized
Flower length medium (8-10 weeks)
Genotype sativa
CBD content medium (1-5%)
THC content very high (nad 20%)
Yield medium
Placement outdoor
Height small (up to 1 m)
Difficulty střední náročnost
Terpenes pinen
Genetics Cheese